Doll: Silvanus Siwel Hatter
Doll: Silvanus Siwel Hatter
Doll: Silvanus Siwel Hatter
Doll: Silvanus Siwel Hatter
Doll: Silvanus Siwel Hatter
Wispy Realm

Doll: Silvanus Siwel Hatter

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Silvanus Siwel Hatter hails from the deep forest of the Wispy Realm. He fell in love with old human stories, books brought back from other fae who had traveled the realms.
He would read anything he could get his hands on and came across his now favorite author, Lewis Carrol.
Silvanus was enraptured by Alice in wonderland and her adventures.
He knew immediately after reading the first one that he wanted to make the transition from the fae realm to the more physical human world so he could read as much as he wanted of human imagination and more of Carrols' stories too.
He set out to magically make himself more and more into his favorite character, the hatter. He created his entire wardrobe in homage to the hatter and used Lewis's name backwards to create his own middle name because humans have middle names after all and he wanted to blend in.
Once he came into the human realm he realized there were more fae than he knew who had come to play in the human world and now his goal is to help create fantastical outfits to represent his fae and human friends alike, outside of his reading hobbies of course.
🌿Silvanus stands at a foot tall with a 6 in faery wing span.
Time to make: 18hrs
His wings detach for shipping.
His head, hands, and shoes are handsculpted from cosclay (which means he won't break very easily)
His clothes are hand done to his body and are not removable.
His hair is created from mohair.
He's a collector doll not a toy, but can be posed via arms, legs, and his head turns.