Pricing & FAQ


Several factors come in when I price my one of a kind pieces. The size, difficulty of creations, time involved, types of materials used, level of details play a huge role, and if you are buying in person or online.

I try very hard to keep my pricing affordable based off all the time and effort I put into a single piece of art.

My base pricing, for main adoptions online, start around 30 or 40 dollars depending on type of creation.

It will save you money though if you buy in person from me. To sell online I have to maintain costs of doing online business like this website, check out, and other fees that are not a factor for in person purchases.

BASE Prices Online

Dolls (detailed, full clay hands, feet, head etc with mixed core body) Start at $250
basic dolls (wire w/clay head)  Start at $40
Gnomes  Start at $30.00
Dragons  Start at $35.00
Fairies Start at $30.00
Goddesses/other Start at $40.00
Hats Start at $50.00

When buying from artists keep in mind you are buying all the trial and errors, all the sweat and tears and love put into each piece. My art is not a slap it together creation. It's thought out, detail orientated, and created from my imagination. Every artist has their own unique style and when pricing is involved in any art, you are paying for that special unique style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use molds?

Not generally for my polymer clay pieces, I create everything by hand with exception to liquid materials like resin. Though I do use molds for other things like filigree or other small things etc...

How long does it take to make pieces?

Each polymer clay piece takes at minimum 1 hour to make.  Sometimes I can even spend days on a sculpt. The more detail orientated the more time it will take. Dolls take me 3 days to a week to make if they are full dolls and not just wire with a clay head.


Custom orders

I am not currently accepting customs.

My piece broke what do I do?

If a horn fell off, a wing, or maybe part of a tail... don't worry... you got this! I recommend adding it back on using a bit of high grade super glue, or if you have the patience E6000 (which takes longer to dry but holds firmly)

If your piece broke during shipping please contact me and I will either help you fix it on your own or have you send it back to be fixed with proof of box damages.