The Artist


So glad to meet you all! I'm the caretaker of the Wispy Realm creatures.

They come to me, as yet undistinguished to the human eye until they are revealed traveling through the realm... into a form us humans can see and interact with.


I have been creating since 2015. A little late start in my art, but I didn't know I would enjoy sculpting until I tried it for the first time in 2015. It's truly amazing how things come into place.

I create my art from premium polymer clay. Everything is done by hand. I don't use molds for main pieces but I do for some smaller works like filigrees etc...

I also like using a variety of materials to create- I enjoy mixed media and have used clocks in with my sculpting works and other materials.

I am a mom of two nearly grown girls, a grandma, and I have made sculpting my full time job.

I quite enjoy making fantasy figures and items related to fantasy world. Like my goblins. Mainly because I don't have to be exact in everything. My goblin can have an oversized head and it seems natural to them. My gnomes can have over sized feet (which they do) and it fits perfectly well with them too. I enjoy that aspect of not being perfect.

Though that doesn't mean I am not a perfectionist lol- once I get going I am extremely detailed in how I want it to look- how smooth I make the clay- how clean I want it to look and such.

This medium has been a safe haven from my health issues over the years- it's something I can do sitting, standing, or even just sitting up in bed. I can do it when I have migraines or a stomach issue. And even though I'm mostly blind out of one eye and have no depth perception, for some reason my hands just create as if it truly does come from another realm and I am just a tool used to get them here.

Please take some time to look around my site, see my work, and I hope what I do provides a little light in your day.

Blessings to you!