Care of Adopted Creations

Care instructions

Wispy Realm beings are one of a kind and while they are a resilient creation, might sometimes need a little extra care.

They are prone to sunburns, which don't turn their skin red like humans, but actually fades their colors away instead. And because they don't have the same kind of sun in their world, you might find they can have a reaction if they are put in front of windows that causes even more harm to their bodies.

They can be let outside to play for a while, in spring gardens and on porches during the summer, but need supervised in case our human world elements cause a bad reaction. Earth winds, rain, snow, and heat might damage them so they should be brought in when the weather is too severe or hot.

If one of your adoptions becomes sick, losing a horn, a wing, or some other type of damage... they do well with high grade super glues which acts like stitches to their bodies and extra limbs. If they do get sunburned on accident, you can add a little color from your own paints to help put a little extra spring in their step.

And most importantly, these little ones need a lot of love. They are often afraid of our pets and small children.