Penna the autumn sprite OOAK
Wispy Realm

Penna the autumn sprite OOAK

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Meet Penna. She enjoys window watching from afar and the smell of cookies. 

*Hand sculpted from cosclay. Because no molds are used all pieces are one of a kind*

Sprites bring in calm, loving, and warm energy from whatever season they are born in.

Autumn sprites are born in the Wispy Realm forest from leaves shedding the trees. Once the leaves float to the ground, magic instills each one and creatures like the sprites are born. There are many kinds of creatures born from leaves, sprites happen to be one of them.

Sprites, like many other fae creatures from the Wispy Realm, travel a long distance through their dimension and into ours just to be seen by humans. Sprites are often very elemental in nature, kind, and have a healthy curiosity.

They are about 2 inches tall in the human realm.

Their energy and spirit are lighthearted, loving, and sometimes funny. They tend to enjoy making humans smile and they adore being complimented by names like cutie, adorable, etc praise is taken well by these creatures.