Wispy Realm


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Lacie is a loving little elephae from the grasslands of the Wispy Realm.

In human terms Elephaes are little elephants that take fae forms like wings, smaller size, etc...
Elephaes memorize everything and love creating music with their trunks. They traveled the long stretches of grassland, forests, deserts to explore the human realm. Some decided to stay to learn more about our world and sing pretty songs from the Wispy Realm.
Taking an Elephae into your home will bring a little fae magic, and maybe some luck, as their songs tend to create uplifting melodies. A little happy goes a long way.

Standing at about 2 inches this piece is handmade with a lot of love. I sculpt each creation from polymer clay without using a mold. The extra details are hand painted with acrylic.