Wispy Realm


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Kass is a dragonshy hatchling. A shy dragon type from the Wispy Realm. Just being hatched she tends to eat a lot of plants to help her grow and her wings just came in. Hatchling are just learning about the world but are very curious creatures when they aren't sleeping.

Dragonshy dragons come in many shapes and sizes, but you can always tell this dragon type by the puffycheeks and shy faces. Once you get to know one of these cuties they will open right up for you and talk all day. 
Dragonshies are hand sculpted from premium clay with hours of love and light put into making them come to life right out of the Wispy Realm, where all my creatures visit me, inspire me, and encourage me to share their forms with you.

He stands about 2 inches tall 
Exact colors and sizing may be slightly different in person due to camera and horns or ears.